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2.5 c safflower oil
2.5 c white unbleached all-purpose flour
Several c veggie stock (make your own, use store-bought or try filtered water w/ bouillon cubes)
rinsed and dried greens: (try mustard, collard, kale, red chard, etc.)**
arame (a dried sea vegetable... found on the "ethnic foods" aisle by soy sauce at my local grocer)
roasted tomatoes*
okra, chopped
green onion
roasted tomatoes
red, green, yellow bell peppers
chopped white and crimini mushrooms
amaheim pepper
6 pieces fake bacon, cooked acc'd to package instructions and cut into small pieces
4 links veg "sausage" sliced into coins and sauteed
bay leaves
parsley (fresh flat-leaf)
dried red chiles (whole or pepper flakes)
file powder (if desired)
wild rice, cooked (to serve)


Chop all vegetables (except the greens and arame), saute in safflower or canola oil until the onions are translucent and the okra stops "roping." Set aside.

The Roux
Combine the oil and flour in a saucepan and stir over med-low heat for ~20 minutes to create a roux. Discard and start over if you burn it (black flecks will show up -- this yields a bitter product and will ruin your gumbo). It's important to continually stir, *especially* once it begins to turn darker. Gran gets hers to a dark dark brown, but after the third try I settled for a deep caramel color.

Putting it Together
Heat the veg stock to a good simmer, add bay leaves (2 should do) and slowly incorporate the roux. Add the vegetables and simmer.

Add a few strands of arame, "sausage" and seasonings, including fresh chopped parsley. Simmer for a good 30 minutes. Add the greens, stir and simmer until wilted to your liking.

Serve warm spooned over rice. (If using file powder incorporate in the gumbo just before serving.)

*to roast tomatoes, chop and toss in olive oil, black pepper and italian seasoning. bake cut-side up at 200 for a good few hours (you can allow these to cook slowly as you work in the kitchen; you can also cook them overnight at 150.)

**note that collard greens have the same amount of calcium as milk, oz for oz.


Blogger post-atheist said...

note to self: i made roughly 9 quarts, using one large boxed veg stock and equal part of cold water w/ veg boull. cube

did not end up using file powder.

a sprinkling of corn added some nice color. next time use a couple more red bell peppers for more color. toss in more whole garlic cloves if you like. the recipe above needed more salt (tony sacheries woke it up nicely) upon serving.

you need to serve this with cornbread.

also remember: this thing was totally vegan.

7:43 AM  

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